How can I improve my Body Composition?

What is Body Composition?

Your body composition is the percentage of fat and non fat, i.e. Muscle mass, skeletal mass, organs, soft tissue and fluids that make up your body. A healthier body composition would contain a low percentage of fat, the healthy fat percentage range differs slightly with age and sex however achieving a good body composition is an important step in improving and optimising anyone's health.

A good body composition will also have good muscle tone and lean muscle mass percentages putting the body at a decent level of fitness to perform physical activities, this level of body composition also puts less strain on the rest of the system allowing for less pressure on the heart to perform its job.

How can I improve my Body Composition?

The seemingly obvious answer to this would be diet and exercise. The main issue with this answer however is that it isn't an answer its more like a politicians response as it doesn't actually tell you anything useful.Which diet? What exercise? Different doctors, nutritionists, and self styled fitness gurus all advise different and sometime contradictory advice. The common knowledge from the last century medical advice that still lingers would be to do cardio and eat a low calorie diet containing no sugar or fat, this has proven to be terrible advice however the current health trends are also divided, Resistance training and the Keto diet or others claiming to have good results eating wheatgrass and pea protein...

Proven ways in improve your body composition would be to participate in regular fasts, perform resistance training to build muscle and High intensity interval training to burn fat another key however would be to ensure that your hormones are optimal for developing muscle and breaking down fat cells.

Certain hormones can increase your bodies generation of growth factors that improve your body composition with far less effort than would usually be required, in fact when we say that someone who naturally has a six pack without ever going to the gym has good genes, what we should be saying is that there body has good levels of the required hormones to be naturally fit. The Key hormone for this process is testosterone.

How can i improve my levels of Testosterone?

There are certain foods and herbs that can be consumed that will naturally increase the body’s testosterone production. Our favourite choice of these testosterone boosters is Saw Palmetto.

Our Saw Palmetto supplement has been shown to boost production testosterone, increasing muscle mass and bone mass generation,improving the libido for males and females and boosting sperm production in males.

Our Saw Palmetto has also shown effectiveness for preventing hair loss and improving the health of the prostate and urinary tract, it also is useful for lowering inflammation and its a powerful antioxidant.