How do I increase longevity and stay healthy?

How do I increase longevity and stay healthy?

The quest for longer life is a long one...We haven’t cracked immortality yet but there are scientists continually working on life extension, while no one can say for certain how to extend your life there are various methods to stay fit and healthy into later life that are emerging.

These methods include eating healthily and staying active to keep your body fit and your mind alert. Making sure you eat sufficient good fats to maintain the bodies cells, eating a wide range of foods to ensure you avoid any vitamin or mineral deficiencies, sleeping well, avoiding respiratory toxins, semi regular fasting and various others. Recent clinical studies are also showing several promising supplements that are coming onto the market which effect the mitochondria within your cells.

Keeping your mitochondria healthy can keep your body in a youthful state far into later life.

What are Mitochondria?

Put simply Mitochondria are the batteries within every cell within our bodies.

Mitochondria were originally independent organisms, however they formed at symbiotic relationship with other simple cells, in that they lived within the other cells and provided those cells with energy, this relationship was key for allowing the evolution of more advanced organisms.

The mitochondria generate ATP, the energy source that gives cells their ability to function,  if the mitochondria run out of fuel to create ATP or if there are not enough mitochondria to provide enough ATP health problems arise. Several studies have shown those with chronic health conditions have mitochondrial issues and these can be passed on in the genes, an example of this would be the study that showed children born of parents with type 2 diabetes had over 30% less mitochondria within their muscle cells than average.


How can I improve the state of my Mitochondria?

There are 3 supplements available from the 5E Lab that are individually useful, but together create a potent supplement stack for optimising your health by improving the mitochondria.

Firstly our Pyrroloquinoline Quinone supplement, PQQ is a chemical compound found in human breast milk, soil and space rocks. It is referred to as a longevity supplement as it has the ability to cause the mitochondria to multiply within our cells, greatly increasing the number of mitochondria means that every cell has more energy to perform its activities optimally.


Secondly our Resveratrol supplement, Resveratrol is an antioxidant present in grape skins, red wine, peanuts and knotweed. Resveratrol is able to help the body mimic the effects of fasting and has been shown in some animal trails to increase life span up to 30%, while its not know if this life extension applies to humans too, it has been shown to counter some of the effects of unhealthy diets and the key aspect for us is that it can increase the size of our mitochondria, allowing for a larger fuel supply.

Lastly Co Enzyme Q10, CoQ10 is a substance that our body creates, however as our body weakens we are not able to create it sufficient quantities, it has many organ protective effects especially for the heart however the property we are looking at is its ability to refill the mitochondria.

Taken together these three result in higher quantity, size and refuelled mitochondria, maintaining all cells in the body in a youthful energetic state.