What can be taken to improve women's health?

What do we mean by Women's Health?

All people use varying amounts of vitamins and minerals in daily life, we have recommended daily allowances of supplements however that doesn't mean that every body has exactly the same requirements. There are certain minerals that are required in greater quantities within the female body than the male body, as well as health requirements, many women also have different health goals to their male counterparts, having silky hair and nice nails is generally more of a concern for women than men, as well as that during pregnancy and post menopause women have different requirements to non pregnant or pre menopausal women.

What can be taken to improve women's health?

We have designed a blend of vitamins, minerals and botanical extracts specifically for improving the skin, hair and nails , while this sounds more beauty focused then health focused, this is not the case, for your skin, hair and nails to be healthy we address deficiencies that the body may have. Any traditional medicine practitioner around the world will tell you that if you are in poor health it will show within your skin, hair and nails as these tissues are generated by your body and if your body is deficient it wont be able to generate them well. Our formula contains vitamins A and C as well as Collagen and hyaluronic acid to maintain the skin, with zinc, biotin and selenium for maintaining luscious hair and a botanical and amino acid blend  that contribute to strong nails, hair follicles and  smooth skin pigmentation.

If you want to focus more on improving the liveliness of your skin we also have a collagen and hyaluronic acid complex. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, our stomach lining, skin and the soft tissues in our joints are all largely comprised of this and so all of these tissues lose flexibility and integrity if our collagen levels are low. The collagen in this formula is marine collagen that we have added vitamin C to as vitamin C allows the collagen to form correctly within the human body. The hyaluronic acid is added as it is the main component of the extra cellular matrix and is key to skin repair.

Our Post menopausal support supplement is another vitamin, mineral and botanical blend. This blend focuses on hormonal balance and maintaining bone health . The minerals in this blend will keep the skeletal system strong into later life and the botanical blend focuses on the generation of phytoestrogens to boost the production of oestrogen that has been lost after the menopause.