What can I do to help digestive disorders?

What are digestive disorders?

Digestive disorders are conditions when ones digestive system has stopped working correctly and started manifesting other chronic symptoms such as pain, diarrhoea, constipation, nausea or gastro intestinal reflux.

There are many different types of digestive disorder like Irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, colitis and gastroenteritis however all digestive disorders ultimately cause further issues with the body. All of the nutrients that we obtain from our food go through processes within the body to become part of the body, you are what you eat. The proteins we take in go into repairing our bodies the fats into creating the phospholipid bi layer around our cells and building our brain.

If you cannot gather nutrients from your food because your digestive system is faulty, then your body cannot be maintained and will slowly deteriorate, other conditions such as worsening complexion, brain fog, memory issues, chronic fatigue set in as well as this the density of your bone will begin to diminish and your muscular integrity will lessen.

What can I do to help digestive disorders?

Most digestive disorders can be helped in there early stages by altering the diet, consuming the right foods for your situation can reverse the symptoms of almost all digestive disorders, however when the digestive system has become to weakened it helps to provide your gut with some extra support.

A range of digestive enzymes and bacteria are essential to help us break down the food that we eat to allow our body to absorb the nutrients locked within it. When our digestive system is compromised many of the bacteria that should be thriving in our gut may not be present anymore as well as this a damaged digestive system may not be able to produce adequate quantities of digestive enzymes to properly break down our food. In these situations it helps the body a great deal to take supplements containing probiotic bacteria and another supplement containing digestive enzymes, this combination can help to alleviate the symptoms of digestive disorders and give us back the ability to extract nutrients allowing our bodies health to be maintained.

What Supplements Should I take ?

There are many options for probiotics however there are a few key things to take into account when looking for a supplement. The first one is live bacteria count, put simply the higher the better as this increases the chance that they will be able to repopulate your gut.The second is bacterial strain quantity, different bacterial strains have different properties so it is more beneficial to have multiple strains rather then just a lot of one strain, if one strain cannot survive in the habitat of your gut another may be able to.The third is delivery method, probiotic drinks and live yoghurts are ok, but many of those live bacteria are killed by stomach acid long before they reach your intestines, a normal tablet also wont protect the bacteria for long, acid resistant capsules are best for delivering a probiotic bacteria to where they need to be. The final thing to consider is how long those bacteria will survive, the bacteria will survive much longer if they are delivered with some food of there own, the best probiotic supplements also contain some prebiotics, prebiotics are foods that are difficult to break down and can feed gut bacteria for a long time.

Think of it like populating a warzone with your soldiers, the bacteria count is your number of soldiers, the strain count is the different types of soldiers your sending in, the delivery method determines how deep into enemy territory your army can be dropped and the prebiotics is the supplies you send your army in with. In this analogy providing digestive enzymes as well would be like sending in an air strike and heavy artillery to help your forces achieve their goal.

At the 5E lab we have available a complete digestive enzyme supplement containing protease to break down proteins, lipase to break down fats and amylase to break down carbohydrates. Our supplement also contains Bromelain and Papain two particularly potent enzymes, extracted from pineapple and papaya respectively, able to quickly break down proteins, finally we have added apple cider vinegar extract and digestive herbs to aid the digestive system further.

Digestive Enzyme Complex - StomachDr

Our Probiotic at the 5E Wellness Lab contains 20 billion live bacteria across six different strains, the supplement also contains fructooligosaccharides , prebiotics to help the probiotics thrive, all this is delivered in an acid resistant capsule to survive the journey deep into the gut. 

Reinforce - Probiotic

Taking these two supplements give you the best chance of keeping your digestive systems going when a disorder has developed or even to prevent a disorder from manifesting.