What can I take for brain health?

Keeping the Brain Healthy

The brain is the control centre of our bodies and is where our thoughts take place. The Brain itself is a structured mass of neurons and fats with a stream of electrical activity continually taking place. Our brains account for a large proportion of our calorie usage and have present a lot of different trace minerals, hormones and amino acids that keep the brain functioning.

An important factor for maintaining brain health is ensuring that our bodies have sufficient lipids, fats, as the majority of brain tissue is comprised of this.

Improving brain health

It is possible to improve the function of your brain and optimise your brains abilities and intelligence, however it is first important to achieve a baseline level of brain health before you embark on the journey to optimise your brain.

Key advice to maintain basic brain health would be to ensure that you get a good nights sleep. Sleep deprivation has been proven to have many negative effects on the brain including, if its long term deprivation, increasing your chances of dementia and other memory disorders, for optimisation sleep should take place at night as our sleep will then align with our circadian rhythms and hormone release to produce good quality sleep, sleep in the day for those on night shift has been shown to be less effective at maintaining brain health.

The regular learning of new information is important to improving your brain as it prompts your brain to undertake new growth, it has been shown that learning a new language can cause your brain to build new pathways and create new neural connections.

Certain foods and other substances have also been shown to alter the brain and in some cases increase neurogenesis, the growth of new neurons, foods like turmeric increase the production of brain derived neurotropic factor which generate new growth in the brain. Fats are essential to brain function as is making sure that your get enough good quality fats to build a better brain.

What can I take for brain health?

We have available a  high quality cod liver oil supplement, providing omega 3 fatty acids and fortified with vitamins A and E, taking daily omega 3 supplementation can help contribute to good brain health and provides high quality lipids to rebuild your brain.


Our brain complex tablet , BrainBoost, has within it a selection of essential vitamins and minerals for maintaining the brain as well as a botanical and amino acid blend aimed towards improving mental performance.We have added natural nootropics, brain enhancing substances, like Ginko and Brahmi to aid in improving memory and mental focus.

Our Alpha-Lipoic Acid Supplement, BrainFlow, is an antioxidant capable of crossing the blood brain barrier its main use is to repair damaged nerves however it is also a nootropic supplement that can protect the brain and improve neuron conductivity, it is known to improve neurological repair and improve acetylcholine levels which in turn improves focus and working memory.