What can I take to improve my immune system?

Why should I boost my immune system?

Having a strong immune system is important if you want to live a long and healthy life, if you are someone who is prone to colds or infections then your immune system is likely compromised in some way and with the world what is is today, seeming rolling from one epidemic to the next, even when the current pandemic is over there is always potential for another to occur.

If your immune system is strong and functioning well your body will be in a much better state to fight off the next pathogen that comes along.

How can I improve my immune system?

Improving your immune system is viewed a little differently by traditional and modern medicines, traditional medicines like Traditional Chinese Medicine would try to strengthen your Wei Qi or defensive Qi, this is largely a process of increasing your internal heat by consuming warming herbs and making sure get get enough food and sleep, modern medicine doesn't refute these claims of traditional medicine, as eating right and sleeping well have been shown by modern medicine as essential for maintaining health , also many of the herbs used in traditional medicines around the world have been shown to have positive effects on the bodies immune system . For modern medicine building your immune system is a matter of trying to keep your various types of white blood cell healthy and ensuring you have them in sufficient quantities to generated enough antibodies to fight off diseases. There are several vitamins and substances that can be taken to improve the immune system function.

What can I take to improve my immune system?

Most importantly, especially if living in a cold country is Vitamin D, T-cells are a type of white blood cell that bind specifically to vitamin D and without it the T-Cells are unable to complete their function, there are several other types of white blood cell that also rely on vitamin D, meaning without it your immune system is heavily compromised.

At the 5E Lab we have available a strong Vitamin D supplement available, our supplement also contains Vitamin K2 for the added benefit of keeping your bones healthy as well.

We also have available our Acai berry immunity formula that contains several immune system enhancing ingredients, including pomegranate, moringa, zinc and resveratrol. This formula has a high antioxidant value and  is specifically designed to protect the immune system from oxidative stress for any immune system that is malfunctioning.


Finally for a strong immune system boost we have an immune system formula with beta glucans. Beta glucans are a type of polysaccharide that naturally occur in medical mushrooms, they have an immune stimulating effect  that enhancing the activity of white blood cells and natural killer cells . This formula taken on a regular basis can greatly improve the body's immune response.