What can we do to help weight loss?

What can we do to help weight loss?

When we talk about weight loss what we are usually aiming at is fat loss, the loss of most other tissue types is not so desirable.

There are many things that we can do to aid fat loss and we speak about many of them in our condition page on body composition.

Caloric restriction has been shown to have several health benefits as well as weight loss. Ketogenic diets cause the body to break down fat as fuel instead of just burning through sugars. Fasting causes your body to burn through its glycogen stores to start using your stored fats. Eating certain spices can elevate the digestive metabolism to use more calories. Drinking green teas can help to break down fat cells in the body. Taking turmeric can help to convert fat stores in the body as can taking alternating temperature showers. Ensuring that you get adequate sleep will stop your body storing additional fats. High intensity interval training will cause your body to consume fat and increasing your muscle mass will also increase your bodies resting calorie consumption.

Any of the methods above, or even better any of them in combination will cause you to lose fat from your body. There are also additional supplements that can be taken to assist your body with this job of weight loss.


Conjugated Linoleic Acid or CLA is a fatty acid that occurs naturally in some meats and dairy products, but only in tiny amounts.

CLA studies are still few and far between as human trails there have not been many human trails and the ones there have been have been small groups. However trials on other mammals have shown that CLA supplementation can increase fat consumption by the body by up to 70% without any additional physical exercise. CLA has been shown to restrict fat cell growth and increase the bodies production of skeletal muscle mass.

The most abundant food source of CLA is grass fed butter which has on average 6mg of CLA per gram of butter, our CLA supplement LipidCrush contains 1000mg of CLA, saving you the trouble of eating 167g of butter everyday to get the same amount of CLA.