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Nordic reindeer bone broth powder


Health benefits of reindeer broth:

Stomach and digestive wellbeing
Stronger immune system
Healthy skin, hair and nails
Stronger joints and bones
Detoxifies entire body




Benefits of our freeze dried powder form:

Easy to store
Easy to take with you
Powder form takes less space
Very water soluble
Bioavailable active ingredients

What to use it for?

Athletic recovery
Better overall health
Joint pain and joint recovery
Skin, hair and nails
Digestive problems

Recommendeded daily dose
(1 tsp / 1g) contains:
Collagen 380 mg
Amino acids
Glycine 84,5 mg
Glutamic acid 50,6 mg
Hydroxyproline 48 mg
Proline 47,3 mg
Glucosamine 9,4 mg
Hyarulonic acid 11,3 mg
Chondroitin 18,7 mg


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