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MCT oil - Brain Boosting Keto, 500 ml

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MCT Oil or Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil is a type of oil than can be used to assist several health conditions including weight loss and improving brain function.

Fatty acids present in our foods are categorised by the length of the chained carbon atoms that make them up , Medium Chain is considered as anything that is between 6 and 12 carbons long,  these medium chains are present in human breast milk, other types of milk products and coconuts. These chains were first discovered in goats milk and for this they received their names of Caproic, Caprylic and Capric acid. MCT oils that are extracted and sold as such are almost exclusively extractions from coconut.

Most fats that are consumed within our regular diets are long chain meaning that they are digested in our bodies via an emulsion with bile and lipase from both pancreatic and salivary sources. This slow digestion process means that in a body that is not functioning optimally the fats may not be properly digested and even when they are it still takes along time for the body to break down these fats into ketones.

C12 or Lauric acid while considered a medium chain triglyceride is too long to by pass the normal digestive process and provide all of the benefits usually associated with MCT oils. That being said many MCT oils on the market contain a large percentage of C12 MCT oil making them inferior products for health effects. Ordinary Coconut oil is usually almost half C12 fatty acids. 

 C10 or Capric Acid is the longest fatty acid chain that is short enough to bypass the normal digestive process, this means that C10 and anything shorter than it is able to be directly processed into ketones in the liver.

Ketones are a product of the body breaking down fat to convert into an energy source within the mitochondria, usually under normal conditions your body generates its fuel from the breakdown of carbohydrates and sugars, it is only when there are no sugars present to break down that the body instead turns to fats as its fuel source. Normally putting the body into ketosis, the state in which ketones are being produced, would only be possible after consuming a high fat diet for a prolonged period of time or fasting for your body to utilise all of its stored sugars and glycogen. There are few foods that are able to speed up the process of entering ketosis, this is what makes MCT oil such a useful assistant for those with the goal of weight loss in mind.

C8 or Caprylic acid diffuse easily through the gastrointestinal tract into the portal vein and have all of the weight loss and brain nourishing effect of MCT oil. C8 is increasingly used by dieters and bodybuilders for its fat cutting effects, as well as this it is currently involved in several clinical studies as it has shown some positive effects in assisting recovery in epileptic children and regeneration in elderly patients with Alzheimer's and dementia.

C6 or Caproic acid has all the benefits that C8 has however two practicality issues exist with C6, meaning it rarely makes up more than a fraction of a percentage of MCT oil products. Firstly C6 exists in its sources in ting amounts and secondly unlike C8, C10 and C12, C6 is not a liquid or oil in its normal state, C6 instead exists in a solid waxy state making it impractical for most MCT oil products.

The MCT oil that we have available at the 5E Wellness Lab is high purity MCT oil containing 60% C8 and 40% C10 fatty acids. 

MCT oil also has shown effectiveness in dealing with several other health concerns, due to its anti bacterial and anti fungal nature, consuming MCT oil has shown to reduce candida and other yeast infections. MCT has also shown to improve heart health by reducing LDL, the bad cholesterol, while increasing HDL, good cholesterol present in the blood stream.

MCT has been used to aid with the management of Diabetes as it can help lower insulin resistance and reduce blood sugar levels. Due to its ability to bypass the digestive system, it is also useful for those with impaired digestive systems and gut or intestinal linings.

Finally MCT oil is used by most people at the forefront of bio hacking and nootropics, brain enhancement, as it is able to provide a good source of lipids to fuel the brain.

Here at the 5E Lab, for our Brain Boosting Keto Oil, we advise that people start with around a teaspoon per day and work there way up to 2-3 tablespoons to allow their bodies time to adjust to digesting a new type of fuel source, as if you shock the body with large amounts straight away it may cause a loose bowel movement.


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